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Essentia Regia

The label of Essentia Regia gentian amaro is the result of careful design.


Every detail has been meticulously studied to give uniqueness and harmony to the overall design. Geometric, figurative, and lettering elements blend together, evoking the idea of fusion and mixture, intrinsic characteristics of the amaro. The sculpture depicts King Genzio in a revisited and contemporary manner, achieved by breaking down certain parts into undulating and sinuous elements.


This three-dimensional effect brings the figure to life, seemingly detached from the two-dimensional plane, immersed in a profusion of various types of gentian flowers.


The manufacturing techniques and processes employed elevate the Essentia Regia label to a higher level of innovation, providing enhanced grip on the bottle and a striking design.

Progetto senza titolo (18)_edited.jpg


Essentia Regia

The label production process of Essentia Regia is characterized by a series of artisanal techniques and craftsmanship, adding a touch of three-dimensionality and innovation.

The main inscriptions, such as the brand name and the name of the amaro, along with the crown above the statue, are made using hot foil stamping in a metallic copper color, enriched with micro incisions that create a raised effect.

The black text on the side of the label features a embossed effect. The imprint areas, which enhance the grip on the bottle, are made with a round relief. The bottle, with its conical trunk, is made of ultra-clear glass with a double bottom, giving it solidity and elegance.

The cap, on the other hand, is made of wood, completing the refined aesthetics of the product.


Dario Frattaruolo

Graphic designer

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