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Essentia Regia

The Antico Amaro di Genziana "REGIA" is an artisanal amaro made from an infusion of herbs and roots, through cold maceration, in pure alcohol.


It is a natural, amber-colored, high-quality amaro with an original formulation that is different from other products on the market.

The botanicals that make it up, without the use of additives or dyes, reveal themselves in a blend of balsamic scents that always maintain a secondary profile compared to a Gentiana Lutea, absolute protagonist.

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The roots of Gentiana Lutea, combined with other herbs and citrus peels, according to an ancient secret recipe from the 18th century, give a touch of exclusivity to the product. A first-choice tonic-digestive liquor, to be enjoyed cold in its purity, on ice cream and for the preparation of aperitifs and cocktails.

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why choose 
Essentia Regia ?

Contemporary Flavor

The Genziana liqueur, handcrafted following an ancient secret recipe from a Balkan monastery, combines tradition and modernity.

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Secret Quality

The Ancient Gentian Amaro offers a distinctive and high-quality flavor due to its unique formulation and the use of Genziana Lutea roots.


Digestive Benefits

Thanks to the properties of Genziana Lutea, rich in the active ingredient "Genziopicrina," this tonic-digestive liqueur promotes gastric secretion and helps regulate stomach acidity.


Versatile and Enjoyable

ESSENTIA REGIA can be enjoyed in various ways, whether neat or as an accompaniment to gelato, in the preparation of aperitifs and cocktails.

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